Subscribe to the Elite package and enjoy many benefits

By subscribing to the Elite package, you will get many benefits such as

A new Ben Sport device is available with us with a subscription
We also know currently the strongest sports channels is between Sport in the Arab world and the whole world, and here to order the device between the new Sport you can order from us with ease

We have types of devices between Sport from the Ben Furky device to a regular device between Sport and devices with Type Tree, or as they will say, the Ben Sports Media Server, and this is the same quality in Ben Sports Forky, but without Furky channels in all cases. If you want to ask for a new device between Sport, you must provide these files and data as it is known at distributors and other official distributors affiliated with the Bain Sport channels in the world and the Arab world. It is the most important thing from the data of the phone number or a mobile number in order to send you the activation code to your mobile phone, and the second thing is the personal data of The full name and a copy of the identity card belonging to any country in which you live, after which your email is required in order to send you the purchase contract and also send you alerts and new news and others

To buy the device between Sport will be without a subscription only all the devices, so here you will have to choose the required package, and as is known in the Al-Bain channel, we have more than one package, and we will explain to you in detail the packages and the number of channels that are on these packages

To buy a device between Sport, please request a day or less before it, so that we can manage your data and a device, and also enter your personal data in the system in order to use the device as quickly as possible and without any delay, and after activation it will be a device that can be used easily and a subscription to a new device between Sport Simple and only, you have to choose between a regular Sport device or a Sport Fourky device, and then we will provide you with this device with annual activation

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