Why beIN HD PVR Device?

High definition digital satellite receiver

beIN PVR Plus Receiver is a high demand beIN receiver and also a high-end PVR Lite decoder allowing access to great

beIN channels with a fully quality and friendly design from the global leader in satellite receivers which are set-top-boxes manufacturers around the world.

There is a lot of option in this device like you can record, pause, rewind, forward your favourite content and much more on the beIN Receiver device.

Device features with internet

It includes there is technology which you can connect to home internet by WIFI without any external internet cable and expand the consumer experience to additional more content such as Video on Demand,

Catch-up service and get access to more than 2500 movies titles of free entertainment content with the latest movies, series, documentaries, sports, animation, events and much more;

All you only you need to add an external Hard Drive to device be able to use space for broadcasting this great content and you need to connect the receiver to your home internet and enjoy your time at home with the latest content.

Receiver Features on beIN PVR Plus Receiver

  • 7 Day Program Guide
  • Multi-languages
  • Atmos Compatible Dolby Audio
  • Parental Control
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • USB Port
  • Video-on-Demand
  • Record, Pause, Rewind and Forward Live TV


Quality of beIN PVR Plus HD Receiver

beIN PVR Plus HD Receiver will show video and photo by full HD quality which is high definition quality useable in movies but you need to have this quality TV and for now

Must device and house this TV option features available so, mostly everyone able to get this quality with beIN Sports PVR Plus HD Receiver.

Recording option on beIN PVR Plus HD receiver

Additional features and function to introduce the high technology in beIN Sports is you can record simply with pushing record bottom it’s will record just like this.

And to watch the recorded content you can get to the library with one click and all recorded list you will get there. By choosing any recorded content you will be able to watch it.

To bring fun and amazing time to your home beIN introduced a great feature in beIN PVR Plus HD Receiver which you are able to get ready content to watch at any time you want in beIN On-demand

And enjoy it with your family or friends. This option is mostly free but some movies and content you can go rent it.

How to recode on beIN PVR Plus HD

For this option, first of all, you need to insert an external USB with more than 32GB and internet so, your device can download the movies and list them in the library for watching any time you want.

It’s will be ready to bring amazing content with beIN PVR Plus HD High Definition quality in your home for you.

Internet solution and device feature:

High technology system will give you features that is unbelievable function and you never thought options in beIN PVR Plus HD Receiver

There is an option to connect it to the internet with a cable and also there is another option which is by WIFI, You can connect it to the internet with just WIFI without any cable connection and enjoy the features.

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