If you are interested in becoming an authorized distributor of Ben Sports in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, please contact us

Our keenness to create new job opportunities to meet the current economic conditions, you can now become our partner

And take advantage of a percentage of the profits of your site by marketing our products to the largest possible number of customers

You get a percentage of profits on every product that is sold through you

Distributors program between Sport
A program that aims to transfer notebook services to all regions and target groups through the ecosystem’s distributors and partners,
Using a smart way to display the services and products provided by distributors from notebooks, on a platform that many service seekers visit and
Integrated solutions where we work closely with our authorized distributors to provide the best services in a professional way to customers.
Therefore, the program offers many benefits that will increase revenues and raise the chances of closing deals.

Partnership requirements
If you have these qualifications, welcome to an authorized distributor with us:

Officially licensed and established company
The age of the company is not less than a year
Activity compatible with notebooks work environment
Offer bookkeeping services along with your services or product
At least one full-time employee with a suitable background

Converting to the distributor a lot of requests
All requests for an integrated solution coming from the BEIN Sports website are directed
A renewal to the service provider platform where a sale or renewal process is assigned between Sport
Full of authorized distributors, so the customer communicates with the appropriate distributor according to his needs and according to the geographical scope to facilitate his service.

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