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World Cup

Which country hosts the World Cup? What are the advantages of holding the World cup in Qatar? Why is the World Cup held in Qatar?

These days the news of holding the cup The world has made a lot of noise. At the same time, this year, the World Cup of Football will be held in Qatar. Therefore, we should expect different plans from an Arab country.

The Qatar world cup will be held from November 21 to December 18. This is while the World Cup football matches will be held in eight groups and with competition Thirty-two teams. According to the latest published statistics, the teams of Iran, Wales, England and America in one are placed in the group.

Therefore, we can expect attractive and spectacular competition.

Qatar world Cup will start with which teams?

The World cup in Qatar will be held on November 21, 2022. At the start of the World Cup games with the team competition, The Netherlands and Senegal will be in Group A. Therefore, these two teams will compete in the Stadium of Al-Thamamah.

at the same time, the players of the Qatar football team will also play with the Ecuador team at Elbit Stadium.

The draws made from the teams of Group B also pitted Iran and England against each other on the first day of the Qatar World Cup They go against each other. The interesting thing to note is that the English team will Finally be present in Qatar World Cup eight days after finishing the Premier League, the teams of Scotland and Wales will play each other after competing in the playoffs and Finally, they will face England team on November 29.

According to the plans, the cup finals This year’s world will be on December 18, seven days before Christmas. In accordance with the plans of the country Qatar, the final match will be held in the city of Doha and in Lucille Stadium.

Qatar World Cup will be held with the presence of which countries?

The World cup in Qatar will be different. Because the German team is one of the most powerful teams, with the experience of four World Cup championships, found a way to enter this year’s World Cup.

As well This was while the most successful country in the history of the World Cup also made its presence known in This year’s competition. Brazil has the title of the most successful with five championships in the World Cup The football team is expected to show a good game to the world in this year’s World Cup.

With these interpretations, some experts believe that Brazil, as one of the four prominent teams in South America, has a chance to win this year’s World Cup.

Meanwhile, the English team in the November of this year got a chance to participate in This Year’s World Cup One of the interesting phenomena of this year’s competitions may be Canada’s participation in the World Cup Because the Canadian football team, with 36 years of failure in its career, finally succeeded in getting a second chance to find participation in the World Cup.

With these interpretations, after Jamaica’s defeat, they got a chance to participate in the World Cup. However, according to Canada’s poor performance, we cannot expect a great game from this country.

Portugal after the game against Macedonia won the playoff final and Poland won against Sweden. Let’s not forget to mention the participation of Mexico and the United States in this year’s World Cup.

In addition to the presence of these teams, the countries Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon and Ghana were among the last countries that got permission to participate in the World cup in Qatar.

The World cup in Qatar will be unique. According to the latest published statistics, the World Cup will be held in Qatar using eight stadiums. according to this, The following stadiums can be mentioned:

Al-Janoob Stadium
Lucille Stadium
Al-Thamamah Stadium
Khalifa International Stadium
Elbit Stadium
City of Education Stadium
Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium
Ras Abu Abboud Stadium

The result of holding the World cup in Qatar

The World Cup will be held in Qatar, under the conditions that this country is expected to hold full-fledged competitions and have an acceptable performance. However, we have to wait for the start of controversial competitions. Meanwhile, no one knows which country will have the chance to win this year’s competition.